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Feb 22 2018 5:51 PM

by Matt Anstett , Director, Consulting Services – Digital Lead, CGI

As the mix of art and science involved in making marketing decision continues to shift, marketers need more well-rounded skills in the areas of data, analytics and overall insights. No longer can marketers, or business professional in general, depend on Aquazzura Cosmic Star ballerinas Knock Off iqxkVW
centric skill sets only. For modern marketers this will become increasingly important with data scientists and analysts in short supply . Therefore, marketers will continue to be relied on to do the quantitative heavy lifting themselves in order to develop industry-leading strategy, campaigns and programs. New data and analytics technology are providing tools to help make it easier for marketers to be savvy in analytical skills, which is of crucial importance for marketers to grow their careers and excel in today’s landscape.

Thinking analytically to solve problems has always been an important skill for marketers, but today it is a non-negotiable cost of entry. With mountains of data available at most companies, the ability to analyze efficiently and effectively helps to avoid information paralysis. Generating insights is easier with more data, but using analytical thinking to narrow down to the key actionable items is more important than ever.

We’ve established that it can be easy to get lost in vast amounts of data, including reporting results within an organization. It is especially difficult if the story is not framed correctly or is not easy to understand. One of the mostimportantbenefits ofvisualizationis that it allows us visual access to huge amounts ofdatain easily digestible visuals. Well-designeddatagraphics are usually the simplest and at the same time, the most powerful. In the same way, effective communication, or storytelling of the of insights will drive a deeper understanding not only of the insight but of the implications and paths forward.

There has been a in business intelligence, customer management and ‘self-serve’ analytics tools. In order to stay on or ahead of the curve, marketers need to flatten their learning curve and quickly adapt to better target and understand their customers. Data democratization , or the ability for a broad range of people with diverse expertise to easily access data, is only beneficial when the data is used for actionable insights and related strategic changes.

Data infrastructure and architecture is ultimately in the domain of a CTO or CDO, but marketers need to be in the conversation. This does not mean understanding all the details, but a general understanding of the differences between various Think Womens AIDA282245 Sling Back Pumps View Online OvSR9RUW7f
(e.g. structured, unstructured, streaming, etc.) is important.

Buenos Aires, no question

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I would finally take a trip across South East Asia Australia.. James Bond Style!

happy holidays!

----- Ely Anne 27.11.10 19:49

If I were loading up to go right now, I’d head north to NYC to crash with friends and enjoy the holiday in the city!

----- Anissa 27.11.10 19:48

i would wait for snow and hop on a train across the northern United States…

----- lkieh 27.11.10 19:22

I would use the goodies to go visit my dad in Ghana , and go audition for the dutch national ballet.

----- Daniel 27.11.10 19:21

I’d hop on and enjoy the 12 hour train ride to Vermont to spend some time with friends and enjoy bundling up in pounds and pounds of blankets while enjoying delicious coffee and some Vermont maple syrup.

Yeah that sounds good.

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As I am planning a trip to Lima, Peru, this set would be perfect for my travel journal and day trips around the city.

----- neonsocks 27.11.10 18:47

I’d go to Ibiza, party it out with all the beach bums and view the sunset at Cafe del Mar. Then, I’ll head off to Santorini for some wine-tasting and philosophizing with hot Greek guys. I’ll end my trip in Venezia riding a gondola, eating pizza and gelato while Santana plays in the background! Realistically though, I’d love to have these goodies when I go to Boracay Island with my sister and bro-in-law for the holidays! Wahoo!

----- Nadine 27.11.10 18:42

I’d take that suitcase (with the travel swag inside) to New Orleans. I’ve been wanting to go there for a while!

----- Kate Maison Margiela 80MM TABI VELVET BOOTS Cheap Price From China Free Shipping For Sale Footlocker For Sale GbnqSu

I go to where the sun doesn’t set during this time of year - Antarctica. I would be wearing those shades non stop and the headphones would keep my ears warm while being able to listen to music.

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Last year you asked a similar question and I said Catalonia, Spain (because it’s Salvador Dali’s hometown!) and since I still haven’t made it there…I still wanna go. But also revisiting Tokyo would top the list.

----- Taryn 27.11.10 17:01

Malta. I love history and archeology and I’d love to bask in the sun and eat the local fish dishes that I always hear about.

I would also visit my Host mother from a college semester in France on the way, she was a fabulous cook and so lovely.

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You can use Transcribe's pitch control to change the key of any recording.

It's also helpful when your instrument pitch of your instrument fails to match the pitch of a recording. A pitch disparity between your instrument and a recording will stem from one of two conditions:

Whatever the case, Transcribe allows you to fine tune the pitch of the recording, by half-steps and cents (hundredths of a half-step.)

With polyphonic instruments like piano, guitar, harp, violin (any instrument that can play more than one sound at a time) the strings may be in perfect harmony to each other, so in it's own world your instrument sounds fine, but actually it's slightly sharp or flat, and thus out of tune with a correctly pitched recording.

In the case of a harp or 12-string guitar, retuning is such a chore, laziness may not be the prime factor, the driving force may be the desire to retain sanity! And it's simply not practical to retune a piano. Even on a in instrument that's relatively simple to tune, when it's well-tuned to itself, I like to leave it alone.

Transcribe is a worthy tool even if you only use Transcribe for speed and pitch control.

Although anyone can create their own Transcribe files, first you might want to explore using Transcribe with existing Transcribe files. Creating an accurate, detailed Transcribe file is sizeable yet attainable task, click here to read more about creating Transcribe files.

Transcribe works with a number of audio formats and one video format, including anything that you've imported from CDs. There are audio formats which it does not support. Here's a brief list:

mp3, m4a/mp4 Transcribe does NOT work with m4p

Transcribe users can share their Transcribe files, and offer them to others as study guides.

A well constructed Transcribe file is a great tool for practicing music: for leaning by ear, for improvisation practice, for general practice, and as an guide to the structure of a tune. There's no better way to hear and imitate the nuances of timing and expression. You can isolate premarked sections of a soundfile, at any speed. You can practice along with music or by heart.

A Transcribe file may have an extensive set of markers that indicate measures and sections in the soundfile. You can use those markers, you can refine them to improve the Transcribe file ... or you can radically change markers to make the Transcribe file better suit your intended purposes.

A Transcribe file may even have pitch correction settings that make an 'out of tune' recording play back correctly on key. Many recordings are out of tune, and if someone has accurately fixed the pitch, you won't have to try to figure out how to so so.

Markers, pitch correction ... beats starting from scratch! If you've created a useful Transcribe file, why not share it?

Transcribe files, are VERY small (usually just 4 to 12K) so they're are easy to email, download and archive. So they're easily shared with other musicians. That's the purpose of my small but growing library (online soon).

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